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Archive for June 18, 2013

Avoiding Contamination of the Water

Written by admin on June 18th, 2013. Posted in Floating silt curtain, Floating turbidity curtain, Hazardous spill kits

Spill kit requirments

Turbidity curtains are built to contain the sediments and silts that are stirred up by construction that is either being done near water or in water. They are also meant to control the amount of organics released into water, which is important because organics at a concentrated enough level can be poisonous to animals in the water.

Turbidity curtains are often anchored in conditions, especially concerning the tide, where it can be loaded from both sides. The turbidity barrier, also known as a silt barrier or silt curtain, should be anchored on both sides to ensure that currents or winds cannot cause the turbidity curtain to pull the anchors free. That is why, when a turbidity curtain is put in flowing water, it is wise to place it parallel with the current.

Often, the skirt of the turbidity curtain is created from filter fabric so that sediment and silt will be stopped by the curtain, but water will flow through unrestricted. Filter fabrics are specially made so that they have the durability and strength necessary. They are usually engineered geotextiles. Since the use of the filters allows water to go through the curtain, they also help to keep the turbidity curtain anchored in place because it is not being pushed against by the entire current.

The use of turbidity curtains is vital in protecting water from being contaminated. It can save countless gallons of water as well as several marine creatures. Find out more at this site.