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Archive for July 23, 2013

Insurance How to Reassure People on the First Click

Written by admin on July 23rd, 2013. Posted in Best insurance agency websites, Insurance agency crm, Insurance email marketing

Marketing for insurance agents

One thing that you should know when you are trying to reach consumers is, when you meet them, you will probably meet them through the internet. Insurance web design can help those who are looking for the best ways to reach people who are looking from anything from the life insurance that will sustain their family should they pass away prematurely to the car insurance that they will need to pay for any damages to the car that they have been dreaming of having for their entire lives.

Insurance agent websites say a lot about who an insurance agent is and how reliable he or she will be. There is one thing that people want to feel confident about when it comes to an insurance agency CRM. They want to make sure that the insurance agent is o

Activities for the Family and the Office

Written by admin on July 23rd, 2013. Posted in Corporate fun days, Evening entertainment

Corporate entertainment

You work hard to support your family. You put in long hours to put food on the table, so why not take some time off for special family fun days? It’s important to do things together that serve no other purpose than enjoyment. They’ll help you all bond and have fun doing it. These activities have another application, though. The same things you take your family to can be used as team building exercises for your office as well.

What exactly makes a team? The basic criteria are a group of people who are action oriented, experienced, open to addressing the problem, and who have the ability to solve it. Sound like the environment you work in? Then team building might be just the thing for you. Team building is proven to improve team performance and is available for schools, sports teams, religious organiza