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3 Key Factors to Consider when planning a Golf Event

Written by admin on July 1st, 2013. Posted in Delaware golf, Delaware golf courses, Wilmington delaware golf courses

Delaware golf courses

Golf is a great way to relax, have fun, and be competitive all at the same time. There is much history surrounding it, and everything about golf has some kind of story attached to it. The best public golf courses are the ones that offer a variety of different golf games to play.

There have been rumors that golf is an acronym that stands for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden, but that is not true. The term actually comes from the Dutch word kolf, which means club. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a men only game, however it was created for that purpose.

The first formal golf club was the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith. It was founded in 1744 as an annual competition with a silver golf club as the prize. Also, the St. Andrews Golf Club that was founded in Yonkers, NY in 1888 is considered to be the old