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Archive for January 24, 2014

Prepare Your Home For Freezing Cold Temperatures

Written by admin on January 24th, 2014. Posted in Color cable ties, Stainless steel cable ties, Wheel casters

Rubber grommets

Are you prepared for harsh winter temperatures? NBC reports that, during the polar vortex earlier this month, temperatures reached extreme lows that most U.S. cities had not seen for two decades. Inadequate preparations for extreme cold can leave homes with burst pipes, floods, and no electricity or power. Here’s how to carefully prepare for frigid conditions:

Wrap Pipes and Electrical Wiring in Attics, Basements, and Garages

Use pipe wrap, heat tape, or foam insulation to wrap pipes and prevent freezing. (Frozen pipes can — and often will — burst.) Read safety instructions before using pipe wrap or insulation. If you have adequate electrical connections, you can use heat tape — a wire that senses exposed pipes’ temperatures and keeps it at a preset minimum. Heat tape needs to be connecte

What Is Family Law, and How Can It Benefit Your Divorce Process?

Written by admin on January 24th, 2014. Posted in Affordable child support lawyers, Attorneys for fathers rights, Family law specialist

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Ironically, the month of February is the month with the most divorce filings. Marriage and divorce were once very private matters, and during the early years of America, divorce was extremely rare – this was partly due to the fact that obtaining a divorce decree required legislative action, a process that was both costly and time-consuming. However, modern American divorce rates are high, and filing for divorce is a very public and accepted process.

According to a study released in August of 2012, the divorce rate among couples who divide household chores is twice as high as those in which the wife handles all of the housework. Whatever your reason for divorce is, if you’re a married couple with children, and are considering a divorce, seeking the assistance and guidance of family practice la