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Archive for February 19, 2013

Advertising and The Changing World

Written by admin on February 19th, 2013. Posted in Applications integration, Business process automation, Web application development

Custom application development

Mobile advertising has quickly started replacing its not so distant cousin, web based advertising. This makes sense considering how frequently we all perform local searches on our mobile phones. That is why Android development is so important. Almost 47 percent of mobile phone users use an Android, compared with about 29 percent using the iPhone.

What does all this mean, why is it important, and why do we care about Android development? Because all of this is completely altering advertising as we know it and for a business to be successful it needs to update its advertising technology along with the customer world around it. Staying informed about the changes and about Android development can help your business be ready. For example, many modern businesses use dashboards. What is a business dashboard? It is the same as your car dashboard, providing at a quick glance the pertinent information a person needs. Perhaps your business could benefit from a business dashboard.

You might have heard of Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a method including a variety of channels such as social media and mobile apps, that automates interaction with customers and potential customers. Business technology is a growing world and all business owners need to be a part of it. Android development keeps on raising the bar. There are many ways to get your business started on the right path. That is why there are business intelligence consultants. Business technology consulting exist so that businesses, both large and small, can keep up with the changing tides of marketing while maintaining their focus on their business where it should be.

According to the International Data Corporation, business spending on social media, cloud computing and mobile computing is increasing at about 18 percent every year. One could surmise that if businesses continue to up their spending on it that it is likely working for them. Mobile computing. On their Androids. Reminding us that Android development is as important as marketing development.

There are several mobile application development companies. Mobile app development companies are continuously working on this topic. They stay on top of Android development and market trends and develop mobile applications to go with it.

Where does your business stand in regard to this changing environment?
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Alcohol Detox Programs Help Prevent Statistics from Rising

Written by admin on February 19th, 2013. Posted in Detox facilities, Detox treatment, Oxycontin detox

Detox center

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, defines a detox as a series of intervention programs aimed at addressing and managing withdrawal symptoms that arise from the stoppage of using drugs or alcohol. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services division, a supervised drug or alcohol detox treatment program, for instance, can help prevent complications that can potentially threaten an addict’s life if left alone. And when supervised, these detox treatment programs have the capacity to get people geared up and prepared for their new lives as people free from a life of drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol and drug detox normally are the initial steps toward addiction recovery. Without them, many addicts would not know how to proceed with their drug or alcohol detox and recovery. Many would potentially end up at a an alcohol or drug detox center or an alcohol detox center eventually, but without guidance they could seriously run the risk of becoming the statistics that we hear about all too often. These statistics include the 18.1 million people in the U.S. who used marijuana in 2011, the 2.7 million illicit drug users ages 50 to 59 who jumped from 900,000 from 2002 to 2011, and the 116 percent rise in the number of hospitalizations and ER visits related to drugs that occurred in the age group of 55 to 64 from 2004 to 2010. To avoid ending up as statistics, many turn toward these detox programs for necessary help.
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Self Storage Options

Written by admin on February 19th, 2013. Posted in Portable self storage, Self storage, Storage


Life transitions often require sacrifices, at least for the short term. In some instances, moving to a smaller home or apartment may be necessary; in others, it may be more feasible to live temporarily with a family member or a close friend. Regardless of the case, self storage provides an alternative to people who are in the process of life transition, and therefore, may require extra storage for their belongings until their lives become more settled.

In the current economic climate, many individuals and families are experiencing financial difficulties due to job loss. Unfortunately, during these time financially strapped people must find ways to cope with a significantly reduced cash flow. Hence, this may require sacrificing space and privacy, at least on a temporary basis. People who decide to make such sacrifices and share their living space with others outside their typical household, or move to smaller housing often turn to self storage facilities or portable self storage. No, self storage is not a place where one chooses to inhabit, although some are as large as some city studios, but rather places where one pays a fee on a monthly or weekly basis in order to store his or her personal effects temporarily.

There are various forms of self storage facilities or units, from the standard garage like self storage units to the portable self storage units, which are in the form of self storage pods. The former self storage units come in various size and one must drive to the self storage facilities in order to deliver and retrieve their belongings. In recent years, self storage pods have become available for short or long term rental. If one chooses a self storage pod, the storage company will deliver the pod to the your destination of choice, as long it is on private property that you own, or that you have permission to use. Self storage pods are usually similar in size as the storage units in your standard storage facility, and are particularly handy for people whose home is undergoing construction or when a college aged son or daughter needs to move back in with mom and dad until they can find a job and place of their own.