Self Storage Options


Life transitions often require sacrifices, at least for the short term. In some instances, moving to a smaller home or apartment may be necessary; in others, it may be more feasible to live temporarily with a family member or a close friend. Regardless of the case, self storage provides an alternative to people who are in the process of life transition, and therefore, may require extra storage for their belongings until their lives become more settled.

In the current economic climate, many individuals and families are experiencing financial difficulties due to job loss. Unfortunately, during these time financially strapped people must find ways to cope with a significantly reduced cash flow. Hence, this may require sacrificing space and privacy, at least on a temporary basis. People who decide to make such sacrifices and share their living space with others outside their typical household, or move to smaller housing often turn to self storage facilities or portable self storage. No, self storage is not a place where one chooses to inhabit, although some are as large as some city studios, but rather places where one pays a fee on a monthly or weekly basis in order to store his or her personal effects temporarily.

There are various forms of self storage facilities or units, from the standard garage like self storage units to the portable self storage units, which are in the form of self storage pods. The former self storage units come in various size and one must drive to the self storage facilities in order to deliver and retrieve their belongings. In recent years, self storage pods have become available for short or long term rental. If one chooses a self storage pod, the storage company will deliver the pod to the your destination of choice, as long it is on private property that you own, or that you have permission to use. Self storage pods are usually similar in size as the storage units in your standard storage facility, and are particularly handy for people whose home is undergoing construction or when a college aged son or daughter needs to move back in with mom and dad until they can find a job and place of their own.

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