Food Handlers Need HACCP Certification Training


It is a good idea for food handlers to get HACCP certification training. HACCP is the acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. In 1960, the food for NASA’s space flights were scientifically planed and designed for manufacture by the Pillsbury Company. This was the very beginning of the concept of the science based food safety management system, known as HACCP. Today, HACCP certification training gives food handlers the information and knowledge they need to implement the safest and most effective safe food handling practices. Food handlers can also benefit by CMMI, or Capability Maturity Model Integration. HACCP training is becoming required more and more now as well as ISO 9000 training, even for individuals working in the restaurant and food industry. Servsafe certification is also beginning to be required along with HACCP certification training.

In fact, there are more than 1,000 International Standards dedicated to food out of the 19,000 International Standards that exist today. These Standards encompass the use of agricultural machinery, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, transporting and logistical practices involving the safe handling of food and preparing it for public consumption. In fact, the ISO 5001 even sets guidelines to help companies improve their energy consumption and assets used to prepare commercial foods. HACCP certification and all of the ISO standards are important to ensure the public’s safety for buying and consuming the foods we all eat today.

There is a very real danger of food borne illnesses, such as Salmonella. Salmonella is a bacteria that can cause illness and even death when contaminated food is eaten. The American scientist Dr. Daniel E. Salmon, first discovered it over 100 years ago. People can even die from eating foods that are not handled correctly, so HACCP certification training in the food industry is imperative. Food safety certification can be obtained by taking classes online.

HACCP certification training offers proactive solutions to prevent food hazards before consumption. Haccp certification training helps with food handling and preparation. In other words, HACCP certification training does not teach relying on inspection of the finished product. HACCP certification training is also useful in the pharmaceutical industry. The goal of Haccp certification training is to identify potential safety concerns and then taking action to eliminate the danger or reduce risks before the public is exposed to food hazards. HACCP food certification training is used throughout the food preparation process to ensure food safety.

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