The Beauty of In Demand Jackson Hole Wyoming Real Estate

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The entire state of Wyoming has just 563,000 residents, making it the second least populated state in the nation. In popular Jackson Hole, the population was just 9,710 according to 2011 census statistics. So why is Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate so popular, yet so few people live there? That is exactly the reason why. Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate is so in demand because of the slower pace of life and the space between neighbors because the town has such luxuries.

And while this quaint little area has managed to keep the number of its total residents low, it has also managed to rise in legend with many stories that relate to significant pieces of Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate. For instance, there is Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which of all the Rocky Mountain ski resorts has the lowest base elevation at 6,311 feet. Then there is the Grand Teton, which was made even more famous by Bill Briggs, who was the first person to ski down the 13,772 foot mountain in 1971. He was made famous for his efforts and finally was honored in April 2009 when he was named to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame. It is stories and places like these that make Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate so appealing for so many.

But Jackson hole wyoming real estate is popular for more practical reasons as well, mostly involving the ridiculously low tax structure that exists throughout the entire state. In Wyoming, corporate state income tax is nonexistent, as are inventory taxes and personal state income taxes. Plus, the sales and use tax base rates are 4 percent, with a 2 percent optional county tax attached to it for residents and business owners. It of course then makes both Jackson Hole luxury real estate all the more appealing and Jackson Hole commercial real estate a wise investment too.

Between the spacious land opportunities for sale and the vast amount of Jackson hole property for sale that is accessible to people who live there and people just looking around who live in other towns and states, it is fantastic that no shortage of great Jackson hole real estate for sale exists. Jackson Hole realtors can take people around, showing them wonderful homes and properties where they can envision themselves living in a state where the taxes are low, the people are great, and the land is plentiful.

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