Two Ways The Typical Facility In Urgent Care Kent Offers Helps Patients Out

Lynnwood walk in clinic

The purpose of the typical facility in urgent care Kent has available is to address the medical needs of patients whose concerns are not dire enough to warrant admittance into an emergency room but whose needs must be met in an urgent manner. These facilities normally treat these acute conditions, but they additionally offer other services too, like X rays, routine physicals, and lab work. Since the 1970s, when the urgent care movement began around the U.S., the number of urgent care facilities has exponentially grown, and for good reason.

For one, the typical center in urgent care Kent has available is more affordable than an ER visit. Case in point: The Rand Corp. recently did a study which found that about 1 in 5 ER visits could have been treated at urgent care facilities, which could have saved on health care costs by about $4.4 billion per year. Thus, the typical Washington urgent care facility, which as a whole could include a Kirkland urgent care practice, Everett urgent care facility, Seattle urgent care center or even Lynnwood walk in clinic, could save people and insurers big bucks.

For another, the average center in urgent care kent has available helps replace traditional doctors’ offices, at least temporarily. The CDC estimates that 48 percent of patients who visited the ER but who were not ultimately admitted went to the ER because their doctors were unavailable. So these places serve patients when their doctors are not there to help them.
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