Reducing the Stress of Moving with a Military Moving Program

Dity move brief online

Moving is rated one of the top three most stressful events you will encounter in your lifetime. Only the death of a loved one or a divorce rate higher on the stress scale than moving. Military families, who are believed to move once every three years, know all too well the stress and frustration that can come from having to go through a move. In fact, each year it is estimated that over 225,000 household good shipments are moved a year as result of relocations through the Department of Defense and U.S. Coast Guard.

Military moving requires families to have to go through extensive planning and can often cost a considerable amount of money. There are several military moving programs, such as the military DITY move, that can help reduce the stress of moving by helping to reimburse some of the cost associated with the move.

The DITY military move program allows families to be reimbursed for several basic expenses associated with moving. Expenses such as the cost of packing materials, furniture pad rentals, renting a moving truck, gas, and tolls can all be reimbursed if it is being done as part of a military moving program. A military move program, like the DITY move, is great for military members who are moving within the United States. It is not recommended for military families that need to make an overseas relocation.

The military moving program, like the DITY move program, is made possible with the help of government funds. These funds are available to military families and members who are forced to go through a military move. It is believed that by offering these families the chance to save money on their move, it will ultimately save the government and the military money in the end.

Any military family that is thinking about using a military moving program can see how much they will qualify for their move by using a Dity move calculator. This calculator can help families see how much, if any, of their move will be reimbursed. After seeing what savings they can qualify for, a family can make the decision to enroll in a military moving program, like DITY move.

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