Ways to Avoid High Guacamole Calories

Guacamole dips

If you have ever closely inspected a package of guacamole dip then you will have noticed that the dip is rather high in calories, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy for you. The guacamole calories may be high, but the health benefits of eating this type of food outweigh the high calorie count.

Guacamole calories are high because the dip is made mostly out of avocados. Avocados are mostly made up of monounsaturated fat. This fat is what causes the guacamole calories to be high, but it comes with an added health benefit. The health benefit of eating foods that are rich in monounsaturated fat is that is lowers cholesterol levels.

People who are interested in eating this tasty dip, but are worried about that the guacamole calories are too high for their diet can do several things. The first thing to do is to look for fresh guacamole dips. These types of dips have lower guacamole calories because they are made by fresh ingredients. Fresher ingredients cause the dips to have lower calories.

Another thing to consider is making your own guacamole. There are hundreds of classic guacamole recipes available online. People worried that the guacamole calories may be too high for them can use these recipes to create their own dip. When you create your own dip, you have control over what you place in it and can avoid placing high calorie items, such as mayo or sour cream in the dish.

Creating your own guacamole dip is especially helpful if you want to try several recipes with guacamole. It allows you to try recipes using guacamole without the fear of consuming too many calories.

People like to consume this dip because of the guacamole nutrition benefits they may receive. Even though the guacamole calories may be high, there are things that can be done to lower the calorie count and allow you to eat this tasty dip without fear.

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