Services Provided by a Breast Augmentation Specialist

Breast augmentation in clearwater

The first woman to undergo breast augmentation surgery was Timmie Jean Lindsey in 1962. Ever since that surgery, there has been an increased demand for the services provided by Tampa breast implants specialists.

Tampa breast implants specialists can conduct a variety of breast augmentation surgeries. They can reduce the cup size of breasts with a single reduction surgery, or they can increase the size of the breasts with a breast augmentation Tampa surgery.

A breast augmentation Tampa FL surgery requires the Tampa breast implants specialist to place a silicone implant directly behind the existing breast tissue. Silicone was often thought to be a safety factor, but in 2006 the FDA determined it was not a safety risk and allowed breast implants Tampa FL specialists to use them in their procedure.

Tampa breast implants specialists are trained to help individuals in a number of ways. Whether it is taking an individual with the average natural breast size of a 36C to a bigger size, or reducing the size of the breasts, these breast implants tampa FL specialists can help with the Tampa breast augmentation services they provide.

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