Remodeling the Kitchen, the Hub of Your Home

Bathroom remodeling chesapeake

In 1947, the first commercially available microwave oven became available. That microwave, the Radarange, weighed more than 750 pounds and cost about 5,000 dollars to fit under those granite countertops. These days we can drop a simple, modern microwave on our granite countertops, or under kitchen cabinets, for less than 100 dollars.

Granite countertops, or many of the other choices available, may make kitchen remodeling Norfolk feel overwhelming, but some research goes a long way to make it an easier process. For a remodel kitchen project, you will want to consider it carefully since the kitchen has become the hub where everyone gathers and ends up. We find that kitchen remodeling picking up, because it was down since the recession. With it comes more choices and materials considerations. Just looking at kitchen countertops and cabinets, we have seen significant advances in custom kitchens with regard to finishes, materials and styles.

Harvard University, specifically the Joint Center for Housing Studies, is expecting a 3.5 percent increase in home renovations each year through 2015. As that number grows, we will find a greater variation in sizes, decorative appearances and appliances found within those kitchen walls.

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