How to find an effective SEO services company

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Search engines such as Google have their own standards and requirements for websites to be optimized. Except for black hat, which uses unethical and illegal SEO practices, search engine optimization is achieved by the same principle. And yet not all search engine optimization service companies or SEO companies are the same. Some SEO companies and SEO consultants are more effective than others. So if you are looking for an Atlanta SEO company here are three things to look for so that you will know how effective the SEO company is, before you hire it.

First, an effective Atlanta SEO company has a good track record when it comes to ranking of their clients. 58 percent of people have actually researched a product or service online. This is according to Pew Internet. You cannot ignore the importance of ranking so see how good the Atlanta seo company based on how it consistently increases the ranking of its clients. Second, the most effective lead generation tactic is SEO. 34 percent of marketers have in fact rated it very effective. As such, ask the clients of the Atlanta SEO company if they indeed gained more customers since hiring the company. Third, what is now becoming the new model for internet marketing is content based SEO. As such, evaluate the content of the Atlanta SEO company. Do you like the content they create for their clients? Fourth, you might want to check out their other services such as pay per click. It was in 2002 when the Adwords Pay Per Click model was first introduced. And from 2001 revenue from Adwords alone have increased by 41,754 percent . This demonstrates their expertise not just in SEO but also in internet or online marketing. Find out more here.

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