Is Your Child at Risk of Stunted Development?

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Looking for preschool in San Diego (or perhaps just child care in chula vista), but not entirely sure why you should leave your precious son or daughter in the hands of a stranger? Not only can child care help to ease the burdens of the modern day parent, preschool is extremely vital to the development of any child. Many of our basic life skills are ingrained in us before we even reach kindergarten.

Child care and preschool are beneficial to both the overtired and overworked parents of an infant, as well as the infant themselves. Mom and dad can rest easy (which they probably have not done in a while, given that 75 percent of children under the age of five have some kind of sleeping problem) knowing that their son or daughter is in daycare being cared for while they are away at work, and the child can gain many of the skills that will help it succeed in everyday life. While we all know that correlation does not necessarily equal causation, in general, children who attend preschool grow up to be healthier and wealthier than children who’s parents decided to forego early childhood education. So if you want your child to be able to keep up with the Joneses, you will want to make sure that they participate in some form of early childhood education. In addition to the health and wealth that preschool can bestow upon a child, preschool and child care help to develop a well adjusted child who’s personal, social, economical, emotional skills are up to par. Given these benefits, it would seem almost criminal to not put your children in child care or preschool.

And the federal government would seem to agree. Today, child care is a common sight, but this was not always the case. The push for child care did not become a large movement until the 19th century. With all of the various welfare and reform movements of that century came the birth of the child care movement. And by World War II, the Federal Government was sponsoring child care for 400,000 preschool children. With all of the wonderful benefits that preschool and child care have on our children, it is no wonder the Federal Government stepped in to make sure so many children had access to it.

So if you are considering the possibility of sending your child to preschool, do not hesitate. The myriad benefits that it has certainly outweigh any concerns that you may have about sending your child away from home during the day. References.

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