The Internet is the Best Place for Marketing

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Have you ever used a search engine to find a product or service? The answer is probably yes, and that is because we depend on the internet for everything these days. Most consumers do not pay attention to the old ways of marketing anymore, and the internet is a place for not only buying products, but also a place to go for research, reviews, and simply find what they are looking for. Having said that, if you are a marketer today, then the goal should be to get your company highly noticed and talked about on the web, because this will be the best way to generate new leads for potential customers.

When speaking of online sales or internet marketing, that does not mean focus on advertising all over the internet with side bar ads and pop ups, it means use a method that will generate organic links. Statistically, 70% of links clicked on by search engine users are all organic, so why waste your time with online marketing advertising? Organic links are what you would find on the results page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and over three quarters of users find exactly what they are looking for within the first results page. So, it is not only important to generate organic links, but to do it in a way that will get your companies name to the top of the list of links that will pop up when someone searches for a product or service that your company offers.

This sounds like a wonderful method in theory, but you are most likely wondering how it is actually done though. This is simple, it is done through the method of Search Engine Optimization, or you may of heard it be refereed to as SEO. Most business owners do not have time to learn on their own how to use SEO, so most of them just outsource the job to a private label seo company. This is good for two reasons, because not only will you start to generate more internet traffic across your company site, but you have also not taken any time away from your other tasks since some expert company is doing it for you.

Nowadays, most people immediately associate the idea of internet marketing with social media. Although this is also a solid method of marketing, and actually nine out of every ten adults use social media extensively, it does not mean it is the best. Did you know that companies, on average, only give feedback to around 30% of their followers or friends? So how good could this method really be if the customers do not totally get what they are looking for. This is why SEO will not only help the company get their name out there, but it will also provide links for customers to go to where there is more informational content.

Online sales are expected to grow from overall retail sales of 7% to 9% by the year of 2016. So, as a business owner it will be important to get your name out there on the internet as best as you can, or else your competitors may use a better method and you will not be able to compete in online sales with them.

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