Canadian Company? Here Is An Affordable Way to Offer Small Business Health Benefits

Small business health insurance plan

Did you know in Canada basic health care has no deductibles and extremely low, or sometimes no, co pays? If you are a business in Canada, small business health benefits will be a lot more affordable for this reason.

The medical system in Canada is publicly funded, and most of the services are provided by private sector doctors and health care professionals. It turns out 91 percent of Canadians prefer this style of healthcare system to the style that is in the United States, according to a Strategic Counsel survey.

A small business in Canada can choose to offer a Health Savings Account to employees, which is a very cost effective way to take advantage of pre taxed money for health benefits for employees. The main reason to consider HSA plans are because they cover 100 percent of employee health care costs that would usually have to be paid out of pocket, and since it is an HSA it is 100 percent pre taxed dollars.

Offering a Health Saving Account to each of your employees is a great way to give your employees what they need, but without costing your company a ton of money. Small business health insurance benefits can be much more costly in a system like the US health care system.

The other nice part of an HSA is that employees will have a flexible health spending account that they can use for whatever they need, dental care, health care or even vision care, depending on your provider.

Small business health benefits are a nice way for a company to offer something extra for its employees.

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