Tips for Long Distance Movers


There are few things more stressful in life than moving. Whether you opt to do it with pods, trucks, professional movers, or even a hot air balloon, it’s pretty much overwhelming from beginning to end. Add the stress that comes for long distance movers and you basically have a raging hurricane of anxiety and frustration. Other long distance movers have learned the hard way about what does and doesn’t work when travelling across the country with all your belongings, and we’re here to share some of their wisdom. That way you won’t have to learn the hard way. You’re welcome, by the way.

4 Tips for Not Being Miserable Long Distance Movers

  1. Choose your movers wisely. If you hire non long distance movers, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Your stuff will take lightyears to arrive, and you’ll pay way more than you ever wanted to spend. Instead, consider services that drop off pods or trucks for you to pack and then transport them for you. Many of these businesses are long distance movers by trade and are experts at getting your stuff where it needs to go quickly, safely, and efficiently.
  2. Pack like a pro. Long distance movers are far more likely to hit bumps in the road, figuratively and literally. It’s imperative that your things are packed well so that those literal bumps won’t ruin them. Though many moving companies will charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege of using their blankets and packing materials, you probably have plenty of free options already at home. Use blankets, t shirts, and anything else soft to pad fragile items.
  3. Pare down your stuff. The key here is to not start selling and tossing things all willy nilly. Instead, weigh the value of each item against the cost and effort to ship it. Some of your furniture might cost more to ship than it cost to buy. In those cases, you’re better off selling them and buying new when you arrive. On the other hand, don’t get rid of things you might regret. If it’s of sentimental value and not a huge pain to ship, there’s no shame in holding onto it.
  4. Consider driving. Shipping a car can be very difficult and must be planned months in advance. If possible, drive yourself. If not, try to find a company that doesn’t require a deposit, since many require you to reserve a spot without being sure when your vehicle will actually be transported.

The stress of being long distance movers is inevitable, but with a little preparation it can be handled. Be sure to think ahead and pack wisely and you’ll make your experience much more manageable.

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