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If you are interested in foreign exchange trading, you are aware that the Dinar is the official Iraqi currency. It was first introduced into circulation in 1932 when it replaced the Indian rupee. Between the years 1947 and 1954, the National Bank of Iraq issued Iraqi dinar banknotes. After 1954, the Central Bank of Iraq took over doing so. Until 1959, the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate was one to one with the British pound.

For those who care about foreign exchange trading, the iraqi dinar has had a storied history. During the past two decades, the Dinar exchange rate has been particularly volatile, more so than many other currencies popular in foreign exchange trading markets. During 2011 when the last United States troops withdrew from Iraq, the value of the dinar swung in foreign exchange trading markets.

Iraqi dinar is currently available for purchase in several countries. Many investors, primarily ex-military personal and war zone contractors who have been hanging on to their dinar since it was introduced in 2003, are banking on the dinar to skyrocket in foreign exchange trading markets, thus providing a fabulous ROI. If you are considering purchasing Iraqi Dinar, remember that the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate is still in flux. The exchange rate may change after you purchase your fulus, which, incidentally, is the plural of fils. One example of the foreign exchange trading markets working in the favor of Iraqi currency was when the country wisely chose to ignore devaluations of the U.S. dollar between 1971 and 1973. This resulted in the iraqi dinar exchange rate rising to an equivalent of 3.21 U.S. dollars!

If you have already made the decision to purchase Iraqi Dinar, make sure to work with a good company. A reputable trading company will always provide you with confirmation and tracking information when your Dinar has been sent out. You can also purchase currency that is out of print, like the 250 bank note discontinued in 2002, from such companies. However, foreign exchange trading experts do not consider that a good monetary investment. It is much smarter to purchase current Iraqi currency.

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