Skip the Emergency Room and Head to the Urgent Care Center

Everett walk in clinic

If you have kids then you know they can frequently have medical issues. Parents are often panicked, unable to wait for a doctor’s appointment and so for these children emergency rooms are often the only option. Unfortunately, emergency rooms often involve long waiting times which can be a major hassle for a minor medical issue. Until recently, parents had no other choice. However, now there is an alternative to the emergency room.

Urgent care facilities are a new addition to the American health care infrastructure. They provide fast medical care for non life threatening ailments on a walk in basis. They are perfect for parents, and anyone, who cannot wait for an appointment at a doctor’s office but also do not want to visit the emergency room and wait for hours to receive relatively simple medical treatment.

An urgent care facility
is staffed by trained medical professionals, just like at a hospital. However, there are significant advantages. For example, the majority of urgent care facility patients waited less than 20 minutes to receive care. Also, urgent care visits can be as much as half as expensive as a trip to an emergency room in the United States. In addition, many urgent care centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Urgent care centers are located all across the country, including in many major cities like Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. They may be located in free standing buildings or inside medical plazas and retail centers. Fortunately for children emergency rooms are no longer the only option for walk in medical treatment. Continue reading here.

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