How to Expand Your Family With a New Addition, a Dog

German shepherd breeder

Introducing a new dog into your home is one of the most special experiences your family can share. Whether you’re looking at Golden Retrievers from the shelter or German Shepherd puppys for sale, a new dog can quickly become a loyal companion, a good protector and, above all else, a best friend. But, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to simply bring one home.

Consider your new pet’s feelings.

You might not know it, but dogs can get extremely overwhelmed in new surroundings, just like humans. It’s important to note that bringing dogs — whether they’re German Shepherd puppies or fully grown Dachshunds — from an old environment into a new one can confuse and disorient them, even when you try to be affectionate to ease the transition. They might even forget their housebreaking, so be prepared for a few accidents. They’ll want to explore the home, but make sure you give them a guided tour. They’ll need that guidance in that strange new place.

Set some limits from the beginning.

If you’re not going to allow your new dog into a certain room, make sure he or she doesn’t even get the chance to explore it at the beginning. Put up baby gates to set boundaries. For safety, hide dangerous chemicals and paints and tape electrical cords to the baseboards of certain rooms. It’s all about taking your dog from the German Shepherd breeder’s to the loving embrace of its new home. Your home.

Get to know your new family member.

Raising a German Shepherd puppy, or any puppy for that matter, is a challenge. Even when you adopt a dog from a shelter, there’s always a buffer period where you’ll both have to get to know each other before you can finally feel comfortable. While German Shepherds are loyal, energetic and protective, you’ll still need to build trust in order to work up to that level. Spend some alone time with your new pup and get to know his or her personality before you take it to the dog park or around the block with other dogs.

Find the right breeder that offers German Shepherd puppys for sale.

Expect German Shepherds to grow up to 25 inches or so and live for about a decade, on average. Depending on which kinds of colors you like, the classic German Shepherd breeders will have some mixed beige and black dogs. But solid black and solid white pups also exist. From the get-go, the right breeder will be able to answer all your questions about raising a new dog, especially a new German Shepherd puppy.

There are plenty of Maltese, Poodle and German Shepherd puppys for sale. Whichever ones you choose to make a part of your family will depend on what you want out of a dog. No matter your choice, however, a new pup is a great investment in the future of your family.

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