Treat Your Vehicles to the Best Motor Oils

Best motor oils

Most people understand what motor oil is used for and how to replenish a vehicle’s supply of it. However, that’s usually where people’s knowledge of the best motor oils ends. Most people want to get it cheaply, and end up degrading the car’s performance, possibly it’s lifespan, because of cheap motor oil. Before you get scolded about using cheap oil, here is what every person should understand about the best motor oils, including where it comes from, who are motor oil suppliers and how best to use the oil.

The primary function of the best motor oils is to help a vehicle’s engine start easily. It is also chiefly responsible for lubricating engine parts, reducing friction, protecting against rust and corrosion, keeping engine parts clean, minimizing combustion chamber deposits, and cooling engine parts. Now that you know all the very important functions of motor oil in the vehicle, as a driver you should have a better appreciation for why it is important to find the best motor oil supplier, and not just try to get motor oil cheaply from anyone.

Drivers should also be aware of the different motor oil types. These include the 5W 30 and 10W 30 numbers that you have probably read in your owner’s manual, or heard your mechanic or car enthusiast friends say. This is a numerical grading system that was established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). It is used to measure the viscosity of motor oil. The best motor oil for you car is the motor oil that is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

So the next time you are wondering “which motor oil should i use?” or “when should I change my oil” head to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for all of the necessary information and then ask the best motor oil suppliers for the right kind. Though oil is an unsustainable energy source it is highly recyclable. Unless you have a leak in the reservoir, motor oil never wears out. The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that just two gallons of used oil can be used to run the electricity of an average home for 24 hours. Additionally, if you get motor oil cheap and do not handle it properly, it could severely damage the environment. The amount of oil from one typical oil change is enough to ruin one million gallons of fresh water.

So think twice the next time you think about getting your motor oil cheap and not from the best motor oils suppliers. It may save you money now, but it could severely damage your vehicle over time, costing you more than what you saved buying it on the cheap. Do what is right for the environment and for your vehicle’s lifespan.

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