What’s the Secret to Furniture Longevity? Three Key Tips

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Did you know that the phrase “to sweep under the carpet” was first recorded, as figurative language, in 1963? Carpets, like many aspects of home design, are an important investment in our living space. When it comes to furniture, there are a few expert tips you can keep in mind so that your investment lasts longer and delivers continuous value. Here are three tips for furniture longevity.

1. When it Comes to Dining Room Area Rugs…

We’ve all seen the rug in someone’s home that has clearly known better times. How can you keep your rug from looking like a stray dog? There are a few things to keep in mind. Run your vacuum at least once a week; this will help remove dirt that damages your carpet fibers. Keep on your socks as well; the oils from your feet actually attract dirt and grime to the carpet. For definite longevity, make sure your rug has padding. The padding will absorb shock.

2. When it Comes to Entertainment Center Furniture…

Although it can be tempting to buy the latest design in entertainment center furniture, in most cases you want to stick with concepts that are classic and simple. One experienced television buyer recommends buying an entertainment center that is several inches wider and taller than your television… who knows when you’ll want to upgrade? But this way, your center can accommodate you when you do. Right now, black entertainment centers with shelved sidings are a popular choice.

3. Affordable Living Room Furniture That Will Stand the Test of Time

Although fabric will often be the cheapest furniture material, leather is ultimately the best value deal because of its longevity. Not only is leather easier to clean, but its durability means that it frequently has twice the lifespan of fabric. Pay attention to the different grades of leather, as well; there is a difference in price as well as quality when it comes to low and high grade leather. Help any furniture out by making sure you drape your windows; sunlight causes fading over time and will decrease the lifespan of your pieces.

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