Long Term Disability Attorneys Utilizing ERISA Laws to Help Individuals Gain Benefits

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When a person begins working for an employer of any sort, a new relationship is forged. Ideally, the type of relationship that is established will be one that is complementary. The best kinds of working relationships are when the employer is benefiting from the exceptional service of their employee, and the employee is also benefiting from the positive and valuable experience they are gaining by working for the employer. This requires fair treatment from employer to employee, though, which is unfortunately not always so commonly seen.

In the event that an employee sustains an injury on the job that requires medical attention, it is usually up to the employer to provide benefits that are adequate enough to cover the medical costs. If the injury is severe enough that the employee becomes disabled, the employer will generally continue to them benefits after they have stopped working. For cases of employers attempting to stop paying benefits, individuals can seek the legal assistance of long term disability lawyers in Orlando, Florida that specialize in ERISA laws.

On September 2, 1974, President Gerald Ford signed the Employee Retirement Security Income Act into law. ERISA, as it is now commonly known, is a federal law that established minimum standards for pension plans and is also used to describe the full set of laws for employee benefit plans. Under ERISA, plans are required to provide information about funding and regulations to participants on a regular basis. Especially in cases of work related disability, lawyers who specialize in ERISA law will fight for an individuals right to benefits. Those who have suffered disabilities at work can ensure their benefits continue with the assistance of Orlando disability claims lawyers.

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