Five Quick Tips for Taking Home the Right Used Car

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Given the consistent suburban sprawl that seems to creep inches forward each year, Americans are depending on their cars now more than ever before. Whether it’s to work, back home or anywhere in between, our cars get us exactly where we need to be, which is why they need to be the most reliable machines in our lives (yes, even more reliable than smartphones). But you don’t have to break the bank to get a new one. In fact, keep these five tips in mind to help you land the right used car for you.

First thing’s first: Doing the research

You can’t go into a poker game without knowing the rules, so why would you do the same at used car dealerships? Before you even think about used vehicle financing or maintenance or any other aspect of the process, you have to determine the kind of car you’re looking for. This includes plenty of research on the make, model and year of acceptable rides, including their potential problems down the road. Knowing this will help you remember what to keep in mind when you’re…

Getting the ride inspected

Any used car you’re serious about taking home has to be thoroughly checked by a trusted mechanic or someone you trust. Think of this car as an investment, and the payoff is you having a reliable machine that doesn’t break down on the highway multiple times per week. Landing this kind of ride is very doable, but it requires a proper look from an established expert, especially when it comes to…

Taking it for a test drive

The best used cars will ride as smoothly as new ones fresh out of the showroom. Keep your ears open for strange noises as you take your potential future ride on the road for the first time, and bring an extra set of ears with you, if possible. Is that mechanic still around? Get him or her in the passenger seat. Give yourself plenty of time to take notes on the state of the car, its handling, how it maneuvers, etc. This will all come into play as you’re…

Looking into your used vehicle financing options

Don’t just accept the first plan the dealership tosses your way. Talk to your bank or local credit union to inquire about their vehicle financing rates, too, and if they’re better, go for it. What you want is a solid used vehicle financing rate that you feel comfortable with that also won’t leave you scrounging for groceries at the end of each month. That’s why it’s essential that you’re…

Sticking to your budget

If you had a winning lottery ticket, you’d cash it in and find the fastest, most ferocious machine at the dealership. But since money is, in fact, an issue, you’ll need to set defined parameters for what you’re willing to pay and stick to them during financing time. Look into trade in programs to see what you can get for your old clunker. Put aside a separate account simply for saving up. In the end, as long as you feel good about both the car and the payment plan, you’ve won. It’s as simple as that. Continue reading here:

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