Discover the Joys of Family Camping Trips

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Did you know that U.S. tourism experts estimate that 43 million Americans went on camping trips during 2012? Despite the popularity of family-oriented resorts at places like Disneyland, Disney World, Sea World, Wally World, and the like, whether it is camping remains a favorite way for families to spend quality time together.

Whether you are talking about camping in Ohio, Northern California, Maine, or New Mexico, family camping is an American tradition that has stood the test of time. Throughout the ages many folks have expressed an interest in “getting away from it all.” This is especially true during an era when people seem to live solely for their gadgets.

This isn’t to say that everyone enjoys depending on their mobile devices, so when they have a rare opportunity to leave them behind they will probably venture farther than their local RV campground. Instead, campers might find a park as far out of cell tower range as possible. Whether they are RV camping at RV parks in the next county or wilderness camping in Ohio, Michigan or Ontario, there are countless options to consider.

If you like the idea of camping with your family, but don’t really want to hike miles on foot in order to find the most isolated wilderness area possible, you should consult a campground directory in the area in which you intend to camp. You will find dozens of campgrounds that offer amenities that may include showers, electrical outlets, cabins, yurts, and even organized activities.

Given the number of different camping options that are widely available in every state and province across the North American continent, you would be hard pressed to find a single person who could not find something that appeals to him or her. Even if an individual thinks that camping isn’t for him or her, if he or she really actually experienced camping, they just might change his or her mind. Read more about this topic at this link:

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  1. I can never seem to get enough of camping, before I got married I would have been willing to live in a van and spend every night camping under the stars that I possibly can. From Bear Cub to Eagle Scout to Special Forces. I love it!

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