Make Your Fashionable Eyewear Functional, Too

How to measure replacement sunglass lens size

Nothing completes an outfit like a stylish pair of designer sunglasses. The Blues Brothers, with their Ray-Ban Wayfarers, knew it, the round-lens wearing protagonists and the rectangular-lens rearing antagonists in The Matrix knew it, and you know it, too. Men’s sunglasses sell on eBay every 90 seconds on eBay, only bolstering the case for our sunglass obsession.

Why are we so fascinated? Perhaps because they’re both good-looking and functional. Specialized lenses can make major impacts on our vision. Polarized lenses reduce glare while the dark green tint created for the Army Air Corps in the 30’s absorbs yellow light for clearer vision. There’s a pair for everybody, though most are too hung up on frame style to take advantage of the potential benefits of specialty lenses.

Specialty Lens Options

  • Brown, gray, and green lenses cut down on brightness without distorting color. They’re perfect for reducing eyestrain in moderate to bright conditions.
  • Yellow, gold, and amber lenses provide less brightness protection, but they’re excellent in moderate to low level light conditions. They improve depth perception and enhance contrast.
  • Rose and vermilion lenses provide low-light visibility and enhance contrast, making the world appear brighter. They also enhance the visibility of objects against blue and green backgrounds.
  • Mirrored and flash coated lenses reduce glare by reflecting light that hits the lens surface.
  • Polarized lenses filter horizontal light waves, thereby reducing glare and eyestrain. They aren’t recommended for those who need to view LCD readouts, as they reduce visibility of those horizontal waves as well.

Sunglasses Lenses Replacement

Are your favorite shades not accomplishing what you need? Fortunately, it’s not too hard to replace sunglass lenses in designer frames. Replacement sunglass lenses are often available directly from the manufacturer, though there are aftermarket providers who can help you replace lenses in sunglasses at a significantly lower price. Replacing sunglass lenses with aftermarket products means that you won’t have branded lenses, but the replacements are often of equal quality. Sunglasses lenses replacement is fairly easy to execute yourself, and it’s an excellent way to make sure that your favorite stylish shades are providing the vision assistance you need.

Your sunglass lenses should be as important as your frames when you choose a new pair of sunglasses. If you’ve skimped on eye protection in the past, sunglass lenses replacement might be the perfect option for bringing your favorite shades up to snuff. Reference links.

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