Pros and Cons of Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing – Consumer Review


Athome consumer product or service DNA evaluations may vary in cost from $60 to £ 200. Consider carefully your choices before deciding on the exam you purchase may be worth the investment decision monetarily.

Can’t Be Used for Medical Purposes

It is imperative to realize that a DNA test administered with a physician is treated in different ways in the DNA test administered through an athome consumer product test.

The results of the athome evaluations have yet to be removed for medical use. You should not take action to deal with some illness without initially receiving healthcare alternatives from your health care provider. In case your test results show you could well be in danger for a disease or condition, see your health care services supplier.

Selecting a DNA Test

The data that you wish to obtain determines which athome consumer product or service DNA test you really should acquire.


Trace your ancestors throughout time

Ethnicity and area estimates

Identify Family Members which have taken this test

Develop a family tree

Cheek swab Set

Outcomes in 6-8 months

Residing DNA

Test covers 1-5 generations of both maternal and paternal ancestry

Connect with up relatives to 1 3 degrees removed

Addresses migration background

Cheek swab Set

Outcomes in 6-8 months


Above 100 million users with 9.6 billion historic records available

Uncover ethnic and geographical sources of One’s ancestors

Find Long Lost relative

Develop a family tree

Available from 40 languages

Leads to 3-4 months

You can find additional athome consumer product or service DNA evaluations that may be purchased, including as 23andMe, 2 4 Genetics, FindMyPast, Family Tree DNA, Nebula Genomics, TeloYears, along with Vitagene.

Science Driving DNA Screening

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a self-replicating materials found in every living organisms. It c all. hwsf61npq8.

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