Want to Get Rid of Hiccups? Try This Trick – Greg’s Health Journal

A variety of triggers can cause an hiccup-like sensation. These include over-eating, certain foods and diaphragm spasms muscles, and even an inflammation of the diaphragm.

This article will teach you the best way to get rid of any hiccups. This YouTube video will show you the best way to stop any hiccups.

He states hiccups are created due to irritation caused by an object that comes in contact with the airway, or the esophagus. The hiccup is caused when the diaphragm contracts.

The act of holding your breath may help prevent any hiccups. This is a good option if you are able to remain in your breathing long enough to stop the contractions that occur through the diaphragm. Another alternative is to drink water from the opposite side of the glass. This may sound complicated, but it is possible. The motion of leaning towards the front to drink from this side of the glass causes abdominal muscles to contract. According to him, this was a huge help to a person who had been hiccuping continuously for a week! nnvu6obpol.

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