How Can You Prove Discrimination at Work? – Write Brave

The second is how an attorney representing your state might prove discrimination in the workplace and follow the next actions.

Before you do that, consider if this case is within “illegal discrimination” and not something that you believe is unfair prior to speaking with an attorney. California law defines discrimination as any action employed by an employer to discriminate against the employee due to protected characteristics. They include:

-Marital Status
The religion

If you feel you’re in the bill, then the best method of proceeding (if you’re employed) involves not hiring HR. Instead, you should submit a polite and helpful complaint to the manager you hired. Make sure it is not explicit and you state why what you think you’re getting treated poorly because of your status as a protected employee. It is important to keep this notice in a file since it can serve to establish legal grounds. A hiring manager usually calls HR in order to inform HR of any discriminatory behavior. Also, this decision indicates that you’ll take on yourself. iw6zfts7ek.

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