4 Ways To Safely Exercise Your Dog – Veterinarian Listing

Allow them to go, then lower their heels.
Setting a reasonable pace Some dog breeds are not adept at swimming although they do grasp the basic concepts quickly. Try to avoid pushing your pet too hard should they be uncomfortable their swimming or if they are distressed or confused after you put them in the water.
You might consider adding an outdoor swimming pool in your backyard. Some dogs are more relaxed in a pool because they may get closer to the bottom. And since the pool is part of their backyard the dog will feel as though they have it for themselves and find it easier to explore it.

The Kong or any other tough product your dog is fond of could be thrown into the pool. It makes it more easy for your pet to get comfortable with jumping into the water and creates even greater benefits in terms of exercise for you and them, as you are able to practice throwing with ease.

As you can see, there are plenty of exercise options for dogs that keep them busy, active and fit. Make sure you play a tiny bit with your dog to see what options appeal to them the most. All dogs are different – just like people – and playing fetch can be appealing to one dog but is not for another. If you discover an exercise you and your dog both enjoy Try to exercise regularly for a healthy lifestyle. 1xdyb6a4uq.

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