Multi Tenant Intercom System Case Study – InClue

A friend presses a button to grant you access to the building. Those buttons are multi tenant intercoms. For Secure and Sound Security, Zac Palmquist is the chief engineer.

The most popular multi-tenant intercom system is Aiphone. Palmquist implemented the system in a brand new building. The device uses more than sounds for locating the visitors. Doorways that are a part of stairwells and that connect to garages can also be secured at specific times. There is only one way to get in by entering the correct number on the keypad.

This card may also be utilized to access garages. The user must use the appropriate card or enter the right number on the keypad in order to gain access to the doors to garages. Doors are also programmed to stay open or closed during particular period of time. Cameras can also be installed to increase security.

In order to make the system more secure this system could be fitted to elevators. It will not function when the proper code is not entered on a keypad. This technology can be used to secure any structure. 2ojaarvrff.

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