What Can Happen if You Do Not Take Proper Care of Your Teeth? Toothbrush History


However, bad breath resulting from a lack of knowledge about how to care for the teeth is easily prevented when you follow the habits of your mouth hygiene. The main cause of bad breath due to tooth decay is the bacteria that live between your gums and the surface of teeth. The bacteria feed on the food particles that have stuck on your teeth following drinking them. The food particles leave some unpleasant-smelling residues that remain until the next time that you brush your teeth.

Another cause of bad breath that results from inadequate dental hygiene can be the buildup of plaque on the teeth, which will eventually turn into tartar if untreated. Tartar produces an odorless gas known as sulfur dimethyl sulfur sulfide. This can, in some cases, lead to gingivitis. Bad breath caused by poor hygiene is best kept at bay by regularly brushing. For more information, you should contact your dentist immediately if you have a bad breath smell, bleeding gums, or swelling of your lymph nodes.

Cavities that cause infection and Pain

There is the possibility of getting cavities when you’re not aware of how to properly care for them. Our mouths are populated with bacteria which break down food and turns it into acids. These acids can then disintegrate teeth enamel, which causes the formation of cavities, or holes. It is vital to take care on your dental health.

Most people do not think about their dental health until they start to feel pain or getting sick. Don’t worry about cavities again if your teeth are properly maintained by brushing your teeth daily and flossing daily at least two times.

An untreated cavity could lead to extreme tooth pain, and may even cause the development of an infection. The tooth enamel is dissolved by bacteria within your mouth before the bacteria consume it. Once that happens it is impossible to repair the strength of your tooth or repair the damage.

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