Understanding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – America Speak On


This program has protected approximately 800,000 teenagers who came into the US in the US as immigrants without documents as children. The program was created in President Obama in the Obama administration in 2012. It allowed people who have grown up in the US but were not aware of their citizenship status to seek work permits and to avoid being deported. The idea behind this program was to allow this group of young people the chance to establish a successful life in the one country they’ve ever experienced.

Since the year 2018, Deferred Activism for Childhood Arrivals has been in jeopardy because of the Trump administration questioning whether it is constitutional. Representatives of the Republican State in September 2018 that there were no further applicants for the program . They also warned that anyone that are currently protected by the program could lose it.

The fact that the potential of DACA is in danger has shed light on the thousands of DACA beneficiaries, referred to as DREAMers. They’ve had the chance to live and grow without fear of the threat of deportation or legal action. Numerous DREAMers have come out in support of DACA and claim that the program made a major difference in their lives.

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