How Does a Bail Bond Work – Cityers

At its core, a bail bond agent is an insurance company that provides assurances to a court that the defendant will show up for all court appearances.

In order to get out of jail signs an agreement with the agency. The insurance policy is presented to the court in exchange to the contract. The court can grant the request , and the person will be granted release. Most people can then be allowed to return home.

An agency for bail bonds will find out the location of the prisoner’s jail when they call. The agency first explains the process of bail bonding and, if someone else is calling to inquire about the responsibilities of a cosigner are. After a cosigner accepts these responsibilities, it is feasible to negotiate the terms of the bail bond. If an agreement can be reached, the person pays a percentage of the policy. Following the agreement and a bail bond firm will present the insurance policy to the prison. A person can be released within one day.

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