Why Is it Important to See a Local Gynecologist Every Year? – Discovery Videos

A lot of women feel that seeing a gynecologist for the first time is something they put off for many years. The doctor Dr. Staci Tanouye discusses why it’s essential to see a local doctor every year.

Women get to speak confidentially to medical professionals about intimate problems. Doctors who are general practitioners do not have enough knowledge to offer best advice and care regarding gynecological concerns. They frequently recommend that visiting a gynecologist.

The advice for women was to take a PAP test each year. For healthy women the recommendation is to have the test done at least every 3 or 5 years. Women at risk for cervical cancer need to undergo it annually.

Women aren’t required to undergo any PAP test, but they must still undergo an annual check-up. Some issues, including infections, don’t cause painful or noticeable signs however they can be identified by an exam of the pelvis. These problems can be managed before they cause pain and interruption. ctlk2nyolk.

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