Learn What Maintenance Can Delay AC Repairs – DIY Projects for Home


One tip is to check the blower wheel to make sure the wheel is not clogged. The wheel of the blower has a huge metal housing component within it. The speaker states that the user must switch the heat source off and then reach into the blower motor’s housing and examine it for dust and.

Another approach to avoid or delay expensive AC repair and replacement costs is to levelize the unit. Condenser units that lean slightly off to one side could be okay. An individual must be careful not to take down any unit which appears to lean in a way that is excessively.

The presenter also talks about changing the batteries in thermostats. Not every homeowner is aware that the thermostat contains batteries. Changing the batteries on the thermostat’s batteries could be a huge help to keep the operation of your AC at an optimal level. It’s an essential maintenance step that could delay AC repairs for some time.

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