What Catholic Schools Must Change to Stay Open – Suggest Explorer

The high rate of graduation and the excellent athletic teams are among the hallmarks of ic educations. Additionally, they provide a religiously compatible education. Catholic schools have a remarkable graduation rate, with around 90% of students attending four-year universities. Catholic schools are tuition-based, which can result in tuition tax credit. Private schools have a smaller number of students and have a more intimate community. It sounds wonderful, but why have enrollments decreased so drastically during the past 10 years?

In light of the low number of students, many of these schools face difficulties in keeping their doors open. What can these schools to be doing to combat the problems?

PBS’s video explores how catholic schools could increase the number of students. Take a look at this video and learn the problems that they are experiencing and actions that can be implemented to increase enrollments and get people interested to return to catholic school in their own children. Watch this video now for an insider’s view of the issues these schools are experiencing.


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