Everything You Need to Know About Frameless Glass Doors – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

You’re contemplating installing these types of doors into your home and you’ve probably got several questions. Here’s a list of most frequently asked questions regarding frameless glass doors.
Resistance to weather

Frameless glass doors may look fragile, but don’t allow their appearance fool you. Between the layers of tough glass, there are thin weather strips with a translucent appearance that create a more insulated home, and also protect your home from UV radiation.

Width in the open

It is based on the dimensions of your home. The frameless glass doors can be made to customise doors to fit your preferences. The doors are typically no more than 34 or 35 inches.


Both laminated and tempered glasses is a good material for frameless glass doors. They’re very identical to windshield glass found on your car’s vehicle. The combined glass layers and weatherstrips measure approximately half in thick.

Lower track width

You can choose from various sizes for the lower track, based on the requirements you have. The bottom tracks are typically 2-and-a-quarter inches in height and one-and-three-quarters of inch wide. Additionally, there is smaller track that measures 1-and-a-quarter in tall and one-and-three-quarters of an inch in width.

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