How Does Double Vision Therapy Work? – Health and Fitness Magazine

Double vision therapy may be able to treat the problem. This video gives an overview of double vision , and how vision therapy therapy may be able to aid.

Double vision will cause your eyes to produce the appearance of a double picture – whether upwards or downwards, or side to side. The degree to which the images overlap varies. It may reach the level where you see two totally distinct pictures of the same thing, but they aren’t overlapped.

They can change in their appearance or seem hazy to the person viewing them. This can be extremely distracting, and can lead to difficulty going about everyday life. Take into consideration reading, driving or taking a step up or down steps. Double vision can inhibit all of these tasks.

Double vision can be result of various ailments or injury. For instance, Parkinson’s disease. The stroke can also result in double vision. As can hypertension and a brain tumor. cataracts, or any other traumatic brain trauma.

A doctor with a specialization in eye medicine can assess your eye and pinpoint the root of the problem. They could be able help them, or refer you to a specialist. The therapists will employ a variety of therapies in order to teach your brain how to use the eyes in a team.

The video can be viewed for more details.


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