Why You Should Speak with a Disability Lawyer Before Filing a Lawsuit – Dan Park Law Group


What are other factors disabled people take into consideration when applying to benefits? In his short YouTube video titled “Should you speak with a Disability Lawyer Before Filing Applications for Benefits?” Jonathan Ginsberg, a social security disability attorney, says that if you’re employed, it is your responsibility to not remove any information about your employment from your application. It’s important to maintain an excellent relationship with specialists medical professionals who support the concept of disability.

This video also highlights how crucial it is to consult a doctor to assess your disability and to approve you entitlement to disability benefits before visiting the office of the disability law. A doctor will be able to highlight limitations that prevent you from performing your job effectively at workplace.

It is possible to get denied benefits if the doctor doesn’t believe in disabled people and says that disabled people are able to work to earn a living. When applying for benefits, it is essential to ensure that you’re not under the influence of drugs.

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