How Do Professionals Clean Dirty Rugs? – Interstate Moving Company

you have and which issue you are facing you have, be it the smell, the stain, or a different issue.

The rug is then dusted to create a non-allergenic. The rug is then spun to eliminate microbials and heavy items.

After that, the rug will be treated to break up dirt, oil as well as stains, then it is gently cleaned on both sides in order to eliminate dirt. The rug is then cleaned using a squeegee in order to get rid of all dirt and water. After that, it’s time to apply any enzymes or shampoos. This can be done using hand scrubbers, rotary devices or even small brushes.

After rinsing off the products or detergents, the rug is placed in the centrifuge device to get rid of all moisture after which it’s hung or laid out flat for drying.

Last but not least, any marks or imperfections are eliminated to ensure that your rug appears brand new.

The process of professional rug cleaning can take about a weeks and is recommended once each year for between one and three years. Watch the video to learn more about the carpet cleaning.


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