How to Grow Your Trees 3 Times Faster! – Vacuum Storage

In this video you’ll learn how to increase the growth of your trees by up three times. It will make you feel like an arborist within a matter of minutes.

In the beginning, you’ll need the size of a four-foot PVC pipe that is 2.5 inches in diameter. After that, you will need to create a hole in the ground where the tree is to be put in. In order to prevent debris and dirt from blocking the tube, include rocks at the bottom. Once you’ve completed this it is time to insert your tube, and then fill the hole using 50% dirt and 50% compost.

The tree should be watered once per week. It should be watered once on the surface and again via the pipe. Gradually cease using the water from the surface. This trains the trees roots to go deeper into the soil, to access the water they require. The tree’s growth rate will increase thanks to this. After a few years, there will be no need for the tube.


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