What is an ATU? – Work Flow Management

What’s the ins and cons of the septic industry, then chances are that you have ever heard of “ATU”. Indeed, the ATU can be a very popular substitute for a traditional septic system, and is made up of a variety of parts. If you’re considering which kind of septic system you want to have fitted in your home make sure you investigate all possible options. This video will help you understand the ATU alternative septic system.

There are numerous sizes available for ATU systemsthat range from 500 to 1500 gals based on your project. The video below shows how to look at the sides of a 500-gallon tank. The outside tank is composed of spun fiberglass. This ensures that it will be durable and reliable for countless years. When you are looking at all the cutting-edge technology in the world of septic systems, ATU systems stand out in. There are a variety of advantages. One reason is that they could make your drain field back to life to prevent unsafe buildups to occur when you install the new system. This system will reduce your drain field size by as much as 50%.


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