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lanning for a funeral right after the loss of a loved-one is very difficult. Planning ahead is now a common practice. There are a few things you need to know in planning your funeral. Keep reading to learn the top tips for planning your funeral.

First, you must determine what type of funeral you’d like to have as well as how you’d like the ceremony to take place. You may choose between a traditional, memorial, graveside or even a traditional funeral. The other thing to consider is the type of funeral you want, burial or cremation.

You should next start looking into funeral homes or memorial services. There are many things to consider like “how long have they been established?” “are they located in an easy location,” “are they flexible,” and “will they accept insurance payment?”

Last but not least, you must figure out how you’ll pay the cost of the funeral. Funerals typically cost $8,500 so planning is essential. The ways that funeral expenses can be secured are via savings, life insurance, or prepaying prior to time.

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