How to Train Your Dog – Pandoras Pet Palace

telligent. They are extremely smart, and you are able to help them learn tricks and other lessons. This, however, does not appear easy for most people. That is why it is helpful to hire a dog training service that can help you train your pet. You can expect your dog to become a great dog. This video will help you understand the fundamentals of training your pet.

The principle behind dog training is positive reinforcement. If the dog does something in the manner you prefer, you reward them instantly by offering them the food item or toy. This triggers a positive feedback loop where your dog is motivated to keep the behavior that got them the reward. This is a simple process. It takes practice, but you can master it. As an example, your dog might not even be interested in watching you initially.

If a dog is not in your presence, you can put your dog on a lead and offer them a bite of food every time they look at you. It will help them focus and develop a rapport. It will be essential throughout the learning.


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