Foods to Feed Your Kids to Promote Healthy Smiles – Dentist Reviews Here

healthy can be a challenge. Many children are reluctant to brush their teeth. They also don’t want to give up sweets that contain sugar. How do you deal with this issue? There are few foods that will do wonders for your children’s smiles. It is important to reduce consumption of sugar and have regularly brushed teeth. The video below will help you understand how to make sure your children have healthy smiles with a selection of most nutritious foods that children can consume.

Dental health professionals for children suggest eating foods rich in vitamin A, D, and F. Vitamins like these promote good gum health and healthy teeth. The most nutritious foods that contain these minerals include butter and Cod liver oil. Include more butter into your food preparation. So long as your children are engaged, this will not be an issue. However it is a challenge in convincing your children to eat the cod liver oil. As a substitute, eggs and greens can be a good alternative. Eggs can be used to create delicious and nutritious foods for children.


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