The Basics of Criminal Law – IER Mann Legal News

They can also apply various concepts to individual cases to clear their clients of their name. The following video will explain some of the principal principles in criminal law.

Mens Rea is a Latin phrase meaning “guilty head”. As per the law requires that an individual be actively engaged with a criminal mind at the time of performing the crime. As an example, if, for example, you rob a bank while you are sleep walking it is not possible to be found as guilty since you were not exercising power over your own mind during the time.

For a more concrete scenario the case of killing someone using the use of a knife and accidentally hit them by their vehicle on the way to perform the crime it isn’t a case of murder, necessarily. There was no guilt in the moment thus they’re not subject from the mens of rea.

You can be found for attempting to commit a crime even if you don’t work. You must act in a way that is swayed by guilt and have a guilt-ridden mental attitude. To learn more take a look at the video above.


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