How To DIT Tips for Cutting Concrete – The Buy Me Blog

Anyone can cut concrete up to six inches thick if they have adequate equipment and experience. Concrete is typically cut using abrasive knives. They’re efficient, but they wear out very quickly. You will need to replace them many times throughout the course of a project.
To ensure the highest quality performance, invest in an edged diamond. This blade will not lose control over the saw. You will also be safe from cuts. Protective gear such as filtration masks will be required to keep you safe from the sand particles that are generated by concrete. It has been proven by studies to cause lung tissue damage in addition to cancer and silicosis. It is just as easy to do by having kneepads and protection for your shins.
To shield yourself from the effects of shocks and power surges It is recommended to buy an earth fault interrupter (GFCI). This cord is designed with a waterproof exterior to withstand any contact with water. If your concrete is more than 7 inches and you want to hire a walk-behind, wet-cutting saw. This allows for the most accurate and precise cutting, while requiring minimal effort. lz89kck7nf.

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