How Schools Perpetuate Racial Bias With Their Curriculum – Quotes On Education

rriculum perpetuates racial bias. The video shows how this has continued in all schools for decades. Curriculums include a complex background of American history, which focuses on the achievements of whites. Students have an unbalanced view of race which perpetuates racial bias subconsciously or consciously.

One of the most common methods schools use to cause racial bias is insufficient time devoted to studying about the historical background of other races. For instance, the curriculum is only one month that is dedicated to the study of black history. The lesson plans do not address the deeper issues, such as the truth of slavery or the civil right movement. Students only receive a small portion of the black history education. This is in stark contrast to the traditional white history taught at schools.

Second, curriculum materials also perpetuate racial bias in schools. Most of the study materials students have access to don’t provide a complete or complete view of the context and background of African-Americans. Students are becoming aware of the biases of race in their curriculum. They have more access to information and information than they ever had before. A lot of teachers, students and the general population are searching for solutions to stop racial imbalances in the curriculum. 8wktpw1z8c.

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